JAPANSpring 2007
This was my third visit to Japan and my previous trip has to be more than ten years ago although it might actually be closer to 15. What started as a holiday plan for my wife’s niece and her friends quickly escalated into a family retreat as soon as the word Japan came up. There were a number of reasons that we found the idea of going to Japan compelling – I love Japanese food, my wife and kids (they love Japanese food too) hadn’t been there and knowing that we’re going with Halim Tours (Amy Goh +673 8651944) put us at ease. They have been my in-law’s preferred travel partner for years and I now understand why. [Gallery] [more …]


On Jan 31 2007, I went from wet and humid hot Brunei to 16 Deg C cold and windy Hong Kong three hours later by air. “Live It. Love It” is Hong Kong tourism’s tagline and you can see why when you look at the GALLERY. Two weeks later (Feb 13 onwards), a photographer friend visited HK during Chinese New Year and captured interesting images from places I hadn’t a chance to visit. Check out Devin’s Gallery.

SINGAPORE in December 2006 during the school holidays. Places featured are Singapore Zoo, Singapore Science Centre, Snow City Singapore and night city tours by HippoTours Hop-on. Apparently, no photography is allowed at the Science Centre and Snow City but my instincts told me otherwise and managed to take a few shots before I was spotted and politely asked to stop. Honestly, it was our first visit and assumed all tourist attractions were photo-friendly. In general they are OK if you’re spotted with a digital compact camera. GALLERY (Autoviewer Flash).



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